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  • Syntest

    In juli 2020 By admin
    Vid ansökan om körkortstillstånd krävs ett godkänt syntest. Priset för en synundersökning är endast 100:-!

    In juni 2020 By admin
  • Riskettan den 26/9, 13:00 – 16:00

    In juli 2019 By admin
    Nästa tillfälle för Riskettan äger rum den 12/9, 13:00 – 16:00 i våra lokaler på Danmarksgatan 46. Anmälan sker antingen genom Email, telefon eller receptionen. Begränsat antal platser. Kostnad 480 :-

  • 5 star review  Very friendly and professional, it’s really worth for money. I am happy to have choosen this school.

    thumb Sivanaga Prasad

    5 star review  Hello ,, I'm studying with them & I'm happy to study with because they are very professional & they like to help people as much as they can . The techer & the guys who working in the front desk very responsible & helpful . I highly recommend people to study with this school. Thank you !

    thumb Ibtisam Nur
  • 5 star review  Really felt great to get quick refresh car driving training here with Allians Trafikskola. Thanks a lot to my trainer Mr Sebastian, he is very professional, n guided with all inputs needed. Apart from training, the school really takes care of customers by keeping the cars clean, n gives you good confidence to train safely during these covid times.

    thumb Continuous Learning Test Automation

    5 star review  Great experience. The reception is very nice and helpful. Looking forward to a great learning process.

    thumb Song Liu